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Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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Teaching and Learning

Our Teaching and Learning framework puts high quality teaching first: it is evidence-informed and designed to meet the needs of all learners. Our teachers have the freedom to develop their practice and knowledge, which helps them to achieve excellence. Our teachers know that the quality of teaching has the greatest impact on our students’ learning, development and outcomes. Our Teaching and Learning framework ensures all lessons are delivered successfully, driven by current educational thinking and cater for the needs of all student groups. Ensuring all students make progress through the curriculum is vital.

Our teachers are experts in the classroom. Through careful instruction, planning and sequencing teachers guide their students explicitly along their curriculum journey: frequent checks for student understanding guarantees our teachers address misconceptions, identify learning challenges and re-teach where necessary.

The Teaching and Learning framework is ambitious for all learners and ensures high challenge to stretch all of our students, whatever their need: our teachers teach to the top and make sure all learners are given the tools they need to meet our high expectations.  The teachers at Chingford Foundation School know the needs of all the students in their classroom: they deploy a variety of techniques to support all learners. Responsive teaching enables teachers to scaffold appropriately, provide the necessary guidance and instil independence by removing scaffolding gradually. Our teachers are flexible and are able to adjust teaching to respond to the developing and different needs of learners to ensure our practice is always inclusive.

Our framework consists of five elements with ‘memory’ at its core:

  • Instruction
  • Adaptive
  • Challenge
  • Engagement
  • Assessment

The Teaching and Learning framework below outlines these elements in detail to help our teachers deliver what our learners need.

Furthermore, we also use a ‘Lesson Structure Support’ infographic to support staff with their planning in a singular lesson. This is as follows (all underpinned by Routines, Challenge, Assessment and Scaffolding):

  • Retrieval
  • Learning Intentions
  • Direct Instruction
  • Guided Practice
  • Review

Teaching and Learning Framework

We hope you will find the below video helpful:


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