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Rewards and Sanctions at Chingford Foundation School - An Overview.

At Chingford Foundation School, we feel that it is especially important to recognise the effort, hard-work and success of our pupils. We believe that raising aspirations and changing attitudes to disengaging behaviours will result in improved educational outcomes and increased achievement. We also recognise that when students feel valued and behave well this enables the most successful teaching and learning to take place and the greatest progress to be made. The policy ensures that all staff are aware of our procedures in order to ensure that consistency follows. It is for the information of parents/carers, governors and Trustees and those who visit the school, in order that these parties will understand the principles which underpin our practice and understand the procedures we adopt in school. In line with our commitment to the principles that every child matters and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning principles, it is our intention to offer every opportunity for students to receive credit and to ensure that our sanctions are fair, are consistently weighted and equitably applied. 

  • We support students to become well-rounded individuals by basing our reward system around giving credit not only for achievement but also for citizenship and effort.
  • All staff have a part to play in the rewards and sanctions in the school.
  • Students should take responsibility for their own behaviour, efforts and work in order to gain the results needed to be recognised for rewards.
  • We have high expectations of behaviour for all members of the school community and encourage leadership through example from staff and older students.
  • By Students, Staff, Governors and Trustees working together in partnership, the promotion of high standards of behaviour will be achieved.
  • Unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with promptly and appropriately, recognising the need for education as well as sanctions which offer a reflective and redemptive path back into the wider school community. 

Students who just miss out on the threshold for any award have the chance to make up two awards in the following year by gaining enough positive referrals. This gives all Students the chance to strive for each award. The school recognises that all Departments and Faculties need to adopt a consistent approach by rewarding Students where appropriate. Mr Leadon liaises with Heads of Faculties, Heads of Department and the Pastoral Teams in order to ensure that all areas of the school reward appropriately. Positive referrals are just one of a variety of methods used to reward students. Other ways include:

  • Sports Awards – A long established system of half colours, full colours, sports captains, honours certificates have been developed. 
  • Departmental Awards. 
  • Form Awards.
  • Student Awards evening.
  • Rewards and Merit Trips based on positive referrals and attendance. 
  • Responsibility e.g., Form Rep or Form Captain.
  • Jack Petchey Awards. 

Below, is a summary of our 'Did you know that...? poster regarding some of the rewards in our school:

  • You will receive a letter of commendation if you get no behaviour notifications each half term. 
  • You will receive a positive referral if you have a 100% attendance record each half term. 
  • You will receive a positive referral if you have a 100% punctuality record each half term. 
  • You will receive prizes for positives referrals – ask your Head of Year for the targets. 
  • You will receive a badge at the end of the year (bronze, silver, gold or platinum) – ask your Head of Year for the target. 
  • At the end of the year, over 95% will get a certificate and 100% attendance will get a badge. 
  • At the end of the year, 100% punctuality will get a prize. 
  • At the end of the year, no negative referrals will receive special certificate of commendation.