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Previous House competitions

House / Science Spelling Bee competition:

We held our House / Science Spelling Bee competition after school on Monday 11 March.  Thanks to all of the pupils who took part. 

The winners are: 

1st Anay Patil, 8C - Artemis House (£20 voucher and 50 House Points)
2nd Bert Davies, 9D - Zeus House (£10 voucher and  30 House Points)
2nd Michael Tsidi, 9N - Artemis House (£10 voucher and 30 House Points)
2nd Isla Eley, 7F - Apollo House (£10 voucher and 30 House Points)
The following pupils receive an honourable mention and 10 House Points for their respective Houses:
Rufus Collins, 7O  - Artemis House
Taha Alavi, 7O - Apollo House
Jon Kulla,  7H - Gaia House
Emma Valen, 7N - Apollo House
Zara Hussain, 7I - Artemis House
Well done to all involved! 

The results for the House competitions for Geography, R.S and English Poetry that closed just after the February half term are as follows:

Geography (Sustainable City)

1st: Anay Patil £20 Artemis 50 House Points
2nd: Zayan Khurran £10 Zeus 40 House Points
3rd: James Fowler £10 Athena 30 House Points
4th: Zayn Chowdhury Apollo 20 House points
5th: Zakariya Khan Zeus 10 House Points

RS (Stewardship)

1st: Ellie Buck £20 Zeus 50 House Points
2nd: Zara Hussain £10 Artemis 40 House Points
3rd: Mya Carroll £10 Artemis 30 House Points
4th: Rimsha Chaudhry Athena 20 House Points
5th: Muhammad Shahzad Zeus 10 House Points

English (Poetry)

1st: Denzel Sampa Lopes Da Rosa £20 Artemis 50 House Points
2nd: Nabeel Ali £10 Apollo 40 House Points
3rd: Muhammad Shahzad £10 Zeus 30 House Points
4th: Zayan Khurran Zeus 20 House Points
5th: Mayur Dhurmea Zeus 10 House Points

Congratulations to everyone who entered and to the winners. Vouchers will be presented next week and all House Points have been added to the totals.

Zeus House did really well in these competitions. I would really like to see more of our students entering these competitions. Remember there are House points and valuable vouchers available. Winners are picked on two criteria effort and quality so everyone has a chance of winning.

This half term our House Competitions are in Music, Maths and Science. Please see the details of the current competitions here. Please get involved. Make sure your entries are submitted before the closing date and really go for it so you have a chance of winning House Points and vouchers!

Photographic Competition (closing date 15 December 2023):

We were delighted with the standard of the entries for this competition.  Well done to everybody who participated, it was very hard to select the winning entries, but we congratulate the following students for their outstanding efforts:

1st:   Lily Giles Morse (Athena House) with Geese, 50 House Points, £20 Amazon voucher
2nd:  Noah Barnett (Gaia House) with Connaught Waters, 40 House Points, £10 Amazon voucher
3rd:   Ellie Buck (Zeus House) with Sunset, 30 House Points, £10 Amazon voucher
4th:  Saarah Mahmood (Zeus House) with When the Rain Storm Stops, 20 House Points
5th:  Tabitha Rook (Artemis House) with Winter's Sun, 10 House Points

 Please see all of the entries in the below gallery:

House Photographic Competition, January 2024

Entries for the House Photographic Competition, Winter 2024

Year 7 Science Competition

The winners of the Science Competition for Year 7 were:

1st: Zara Hussain  
2nd: Zayn Chowdhury 
3rd: Zakariya Khan

Year 8 Science Competition

The winners of the Science Competition for Year 8 were:
1st: Zayan Khurram
2nd: Leonidas Yiannides
3rd: Inaayah Arshad

Modern Foreign Languages Competition

The MFL Competition results are as follows:
1st: French Christmas song by Isabel Burch, Megan Patel and Jiya Patel
2nd: Spanish Poem by Che Ritchie
3rd: Description of a game in Spanish by Anay Patil
4th: García Márquez poem by Thiago Plume