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Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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Pastoral Team Contact Information

Please note the following regarding communication with our Pastoral Leaders:

  • During the day, our Pastoral Leaders are teaching, planning and preparing lessons and providing Pastoral care for the students. They will make every effort to reply to your correspondence within 2 school days of its receipt.
  • If you have an urgent enquiry or are unsure to whom is best to address your enquiry, please contact the main switchboard on 020 8529 1853 or contact@chingfordfs.org.uk and your enquiry will be directed to the most appropriate colleague.
  • Your enquiry may be forwarded to a more appropriate colleague who will be asked to follow this up directly with you. This will usually be the case for any Subject-related enquiries and we ask that you relay these directly to the Head of Department. Please see our Contact Page for further information.
  • During weekends and holiday periods, our Pastoral Leaders may not be accessing their e-mails, and therefore, may not respond until they return.
  • Abusive and/or malicious communications will never be tolerated. 

Our Pastoral Leaders are working tirelessly to ensure that your children will be the beneficiaries of a coordinated team approach between Home and School. Together, we will all strive to help your Child achieve a “Firm Foundation for Life”  in every aspect of their journey through Chingford Foundation School. 

Below are the contact details for our Pastoral Leaders. 

pastoral contact details.pdf