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Modern Foreign Languages - Latin

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9):

In KS3, Latin is not part of the regular curriculum but is offered to students through Latin Club. In Latin Club, students learn basic Latin grammar and vocabulary, and they also explore the way people lived across different areas of the Roman Empire. There is no formal assessment for Latin at KS3, but attending Latin Club will put students at an advantage should they wish to pursue Latin at GCSE.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11):

Latin is an optional, but highly recommended subject at KS4. It will provide students with intellectual challenge and many opportunities to develop their thinking skills. It also complements other subjects such as Science, History, English and Modern Foreign Languages.

There are three strands to the Latin GCSE:

Latin Language: Students learn to read, understand and translate texts based on a defined set of grammatical structures and vocabulary items. They also learn how to do grammatical analysis of a short piece of Latin.

Latin Literature and Sources: Through original Latin texts and photos of ancient source materials, students study a theme such as Superstition and Magic or the Races at the Circus Maximus.

Roman Civilisation: Students familiarise themselves with a particular aspect of Roman Civilisation, such as Daily Life in a Roman Town or Roman Britain.

Each one of these components is assessed through an exam at the end of the course. They are worth 50% (Component 1), 30% (Component 2) and 20% (Component 3) respectively.