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Medical Appointments

Medical appointments including doctor, orthodontist, and dentist, should be made out of school hours if at all possible.  Most medical appointments are relatively short so your child should be in school before and/or after their appointment where possible.  A whole day off is rarely needed.

Evidence of the appointment, which should include the time and date must be provided, can be in the form of a letter or appointment card or a picture of the appointment notification (if you receive this by text or email).  This will be required for an appointment to be authorised by the Pastoral Team and to enable child to sign out. 

Please make sure that your child is aware of the appointment and of the time they will need to leave school as we are unable to go and collect your child from their lesson, break or lunch. It would be helpful if you could please provide them with the appointment letter/notification to show their teacher and at Reception when signing out.

Please send advance notification and a copy of all appointment letters/invites to the absence email absence@chingfordfs.org.uk