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House System

The introduction of the House System

This year we have introduced a House System. The aim is for this to become an integral part of our Chingford Foundation School identity and community.  It is our ambition that our appointed House Captains and their supporting leadership teams will work effectively to further the sense of community spirit within the School and that together they will forge a student voice to bring about positive change at Chingford Foundation School.  It is very much hoped that all Chingford Foundation School pupils will positively engage with the House System process.

The purpose

The purpose of introducing a House System is to foster healthy competition amongst our students. Students will feel a sense of belonging within their allocated House and will be given many opportunities to work collaboratively and to demonstrate leadership.  Providing students with the chance to develop leadership skills and to be actively involved with teamwork during their time at school will provide them with excellent experience to take with them as they move on from Chingford Foundation School and / or Chingford Sixth Form to higher education, apprenticeships or employment. 

It is hoped that being an active member of the House System will bring benefits to our students’ sense of identity whilst at Chingford Foundation School.  It will also help us to build resilience within our students as they learn valuable lessons around success as well as failure, helping them to develop really useful life skills to take with them into the wider world once they leave school.

 The story so far...

Students from all year groups were invited to apply for the position of House Captains (selected from Year 13),  House Deputy Captain (selected from Year 12) and House Leaders (selected from Years 7 -11).  The quality of the applications was outstanding.

Successful students formed the leadership teams and have been working together to launch the House System which gives every member of each House the ability to interact and contribute to their House as we move forward. The House leadership teams are currently in the process of discussing the names for each of the Houses with the rest of the school community. This is a very important decision as the names will be forever part of the School and its history.

On Monday 16 October the House leadership teams presented to their respective Houses in the first House assemblies. House leadership are also working with House members in creating a shield and a motto for their Houses. They will also choose a charity that their House will support.

Our Houses have been allocated a colour (green, white, yellow, purple and blue) and the result of the votes for naming the Houses confirmed that the students' mythology theme has been chosen to name the Houses as follows: 

Apollo House (Yellow): represents the arts in the form of music, poetry and dance, represents truth and healing of diseases. Is the Sun and the light. 
Artemis House (White): represents the wilderness, wild animals, nature, vegetation and the care of children.
Athena House (Purple): represents wisdom and reason, the arts, literature and strategy. 
Zeus House (Blue): represents a sense of community, the protector of people and the sky and with a core idea that ‘the sky is the limit’.
Gaia House (Green): represents the earth, growth and harmony, teamwork, caring for the environment, wildlife and its habitats. 
The colours for each house will still be used and will always be associated with the respective house. 

We are currently working on a motto for each House as well as designing a shield for each House.  

House Leadership

The House leadership students are confirmed as follows:

 Gaia / Green House

 House Captain: Laiba Saeed, Maddie Pentz-Judge and Aleena Jan.

 Deputy House Captain: Erum Arshad

House Leaders: Bailey Peneva, Sanjuka Sivakumar, Barnaby Rackham, Alice Corbett, Zahraa Rahman, Willow Hales, Charley Lomena, Julia Stachowicz, Zaid Mahmood, Blessing Antwiwaa, Michael Woolf and Courtney Rose Rix.

 Zeus / Blue House

House Captain: Mayur Dhurmea 

Deputy House Captain: Muhammed Shazad

House Leaders: Freddy Bayntun, Derek Shortridge, Lili-an Le, Tenzin Norbu, Florence Anderson-Dunbar and Rudy Jackson.

 Artemis / White House

House Captain: Faezan Mahmud, Zahra Chaudhary and Josh Porter.

Deputy House Captain: Jamil Alizadeh

House Leaders: Mya Carroll, Shenelle Johnson, Daisy Rook, Shay Cover-Allicock, Kelsey Ho, Jibrael Hussain, Amelia Johnson and Megan Patel.

 Apollo / Yellow House

House Captains: David Herrias Torres, Keren Berchie and Sreya Bandyopadhyay.

Deputy House Captain: Rebecca Davies

House Leaders: Jessica Davies, Paige Von Mollendorff, Albert Davies, Dena Mwekwatse, Sara Rackovic, Shiraz Mehta, Tiana Andrade and Isabel Burch.

 Athena / Purple House

House Captains: Laura Moseley and David Rozsahegyi 

Deputy House Captain: Hasan Avucan

House Leaders: Krish Patel, Prudence Benjamin, Elise Wang, Rayhanna Mohamed, Juliet De Barros, Siya Patel, Emma Ward, Hannah Kluzowska and Jiya Patel.

How students earn House Points

Each House at Chingford Foundation School is in competition with each other to achieve the highest number of House Points at the end of each term and most importantly by the end of the year when there will be prizes.

Regular House Point totals will be advertised on the House notice boards. Pupils can contribute to their House Point totals in a number of ways both in and out of the classroom. All pupils are expected to participate in at least one of the many House events / activities.

Positive referrals: Pupils are awarded positive referrals for outstanding effort and achievement in and out of the classroom. For every 10 positive referrals, students will earn one House Point for their House. The Points will be added to the House total at the end of each half term.

House activities: Curriculum areas will provide House competitions/challenges organised throughout the year for all Year groups to enter. These activities are outlined on the school website calendar and will be advertised here, with further details on how to get involved on Edulink and social media over the year.

There will also be vouchers that students can win with each House competition/ challenge.

Clubs:  Pupils can also earn House Points for their involvement with clubs inside or outside school. These can be achieved by pupils showing commitment through high attendance, outstanding effort and achievement. The teacher will then add their House Point to their running total, which will automatically count towards the overall running total for their House and will be added at the end of each half term.

Achievement: Pupils can also earn House Points for varying achievements such as: Jack Petchey, taking part in charity events outside the school or making an outstanding contribution to the School or the school community.  If students, parents or carers would like to notify the School about any relevant activities which may be considered for House Points, please email details through to Carter@chingfordfs.org.uk throughout the term.  

Extra-curricular competitions: Pupils can also earn House Points if they regularly enter competitions advertised in school for: representing their school, showing commitment and an active sense of involvement with extra-curricular opportunities.

Attendance: Students who achieve 100% attendance in a half term will also receive House Points which will be added to the running total.