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Duke of Edinburgh Award

We are delighted to offer Chingford Foundation School students the opportunity to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Mr Sheaff is the Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator for Chingford Academies Trust.

Please complete this form to register to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme: DofE Online Registration Form (google.com)  

Last year was our first year running the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Chingford Foundation School and we are delighted that a Year 9 and a Year 10 cohort successfully achieved their Bronze Award. 

This year we are very pleased to once again offer students the opportunity to work towards either the Bronze or Silver Award.  

For Year 9 students, please find here an introductory letter inviting students to sign up for the D of E Bronze Award. 

Please complete this form if you would like to enrol your child on the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Please find here a letter sent out in January 2024 for Year 10 and 11 students and their parents and carers. 


The Duke of Edinburgh Awards expedition schedule is as follows:

  • Wed-Fri 10-12 April 2024. Year 11 Silver assessment in the Peak District (camping).  Please find the letter about this expedition here

Year 9 Bronze award:

Sun 30 June, one-day training hike - Epping Forest.

Sat 6 July - Sun 7 July, two-day-and-one-night, training and practice expedition, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

Sat 20 - Sun 21 July, two-day-and-one-night, final assessed expedition, Epping Forest.
Year 10 Silver award:

Training in Spring term after school on Wednesdays, but no one-day training hike.

Sunday 28 April.  Year 10 training hike in Epping Forest. 

Sat 4 to Mon 6 May. 3-days-and-two-nights, training and practice expedition in the Peak District (camping).

Sat 25 to Mon 27 May. 3-days-and-two-nights, final assessed expedition in the Peak District (camping).

Year 11 Silver award: 

Wed 10 to Friday 12 April. Year 11 Silver assessment in the Peak District (camping).

Please see below some helpful documents:

D of E Expedition Kit List

D of E Food and Menu Planning

Update from Mr Sheaff, June 2024:

We're really proud to have received this certificate from Duke of Edinburgh Awards, recognising the fantastic volunteering efforts of our Chingford Foundation School students, undertaken as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award!  Well done everybody! 

Update, 25 - 27 May 2024:

We are incredibly proud of our Year 10 Chingford Foundation School students who recently successfully completed their Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award assessed expedition.

These students had a challenging time with some difficult weather conditions in the Peak District, but they had a really positive attitude.  For instance, they all got up at 5am on their final day, to leave their camp at 7am, meaning they completed their expedition ahead of schedule!  

Well done to them all.   

Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Assessed Expedition, Peak District, 25 - 27 May 2024


Update, 4 - 6 May 2024:

Congratulations to our Chingford Foundation School Year 10 Silver Award students who successfully completed their practice expedition in the Peak District 4 - 6 May 2024.   The students were in positive spirits throughout the expedition and even enjoyed lots of impromptu volleyball lessons from Mr Akbar when they were in their camps for the evening, with energy to spare!  The students really enjoyed the landscapes of this beautiful area of the UK. 

Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Practice expedition, Peak District, 4-6 May 2024

Update, April 2024:

Our Year 11 students successfully completed their Silver Award assessed expedition in the Peak District, 10 - 12 April.   There was a muddy start to the expedition but the group were in very high spirits despite this, and in fact the weather improved throughout the expedition. 

On the final day of the expedition the students requested a 5am wake up call to give themselves lots of time to complete their route without rushing, now that was impressive self-motivation!  They even took a break from their hike to explore rock formations on a grifstone edge, under supervision from the teachers.  They really enjoyed the combination of unusual rocks, small caves and breathtaking views. All completed the expedition successfully and in good time.   Well done to all involved! 

Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Assessed expedition in the Peak District, 10 - 12 April 2024.


Update from Mr Sheaff, February 2024:

Congratulations to our Chingford Foundation School Year 11 Silver Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award group, who completed their training and practice expedition in the Peak District over the October half term. They will be going on to attempt a qualifying expedition at Easter. We wish them all every success for the next stage of their Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.

Year 9 students at Chingford Foundation School are undertaking their volunteering, physical activities and skilful hobbies over the winter months to earn their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Awards. Our new year 9 DofE Bronze groups have started their expedition training for their hiking and camping expeditions in the upcoming summer term. Students meet in the drama studio of the arts centre at the times below, for their training in first aid, camping skills, emergency procedures and navigation. I'm really pleased with all the evidence I'm seeing of activities in the 3/6 monthly sections too, from cooking and horse riding to crochet and coding. Students are always welcome to come to my office or email for help completing these three sections before school or at break on Wednesdays.

9C/D/F Wednesday lunchtimes, week 1

9G/H/O Wednesdays after school, week 1

9N/I/R Wednesdays lunchtimes, week 2

Year 10 students who have almost completed their Bronze Awards should be collecting in their final Assessor’s Reports for their sectional activities, and once they have completed their Bronze Awards, I hope they will join the Year 10 Silver Award programme. Details of the DofE Silver programme are being given to members of Year 10 as they complete their Bronze. If there are new Year 10s interested in starting their DofE Silver from scratch, please contact me w.sheaff@chingfordfs.org.uk asap.

I'm always really proud of the volunteering and activities the students keep up to achieve their awards. Earning a DofE award makes students more interesting and caring people. I'm always available to students outside of lesson times on Wednesdays in the office in the Arts Centre, should they find they need any additional help.  

I'm really looking forward to handing out DofE awards to the Year 10 and Year 11 students who are in the process of finishing off their final Bronze sections. Many students have just the formality of collecting an assessor's report, as evidence of their completed volunteering, physical or skill activities. Congratulations to those who've already received their certificates. If there are students who would like advice about what they should do to complete their DofE and receive their award, please contact Mr Sheaff for help.

DofE Silver groups from both year 10 and Year 11 are training for their trips to the Peak District after school on Wednesdays of Week 2. Please come to the drama studio from 3.05 - 4.05pm for training in planning routes through more hilly terrain, packing light to reduce the weight of your rucksack, first aid, and choosing foods that will last well in your packs over a three-day expedition. 


Please find below some updates from the Bronze Award expeditions last year, in 2022 - 2023:

An update from the Year 9 Assessed Expedition 15 - 16 July:

With an amber weather warning in place for strong winds and showers, our brave Year 9 students set off on their Assessed Expedition on Saturday 15 July.  Because of the weather conditions some modifications had to be made to the route for safety reasons.

However the rain mostly stayed away and the groups enjoyed a pleasant day of hiking through the ancient woodland of Epping Forest before arriving at their destination campsite. 

They arrived at the camp in really good time, which meant that they had a lot of time to enjoy some activities and relaxation once their tents had been set up and they had prepared their evening meals.  

They clearly had a lot of energy to spare, even after a long day of walking, enjoying the opportunity to climb, play volleyball and cycle around the campsite (using the bike Mr Akbar had arrived to the campsite on!)

After a restful night of sleep, despite the high winds, the group enjoyed a hearty breakfast and then set off to their final destination.  They reached the finish line in really good time, once again, demonstrating excellent navigational and orienteering skills.  

We are delighted to report that all of the students successfully completed the expedition and all of them have passed their Bronze Award!  Congratulations to all of the students, it is not easy, and we are delighted that they all enjoyed the experience and achieved the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award! 

Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Assessed Expedition

15 & 16 July 2023

An update from the Year 9 Practice Expedition 1 - 2 July:

Year 9 students set out on 1 July for a two day expedition in the Hertfordshire Countryside.  When they made it to their campsite destination they put their skills in putting up tents, lighting fires responsibly and cooking to the test. 

The next morning they set off for the second stage of the expedition and all made it back to the finishing point in excellent time - obviously having mastered those navigational skills during the sessions back at school this year! 

Well done to them all! 

Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Practice Expedition

1 & 2 July 2023

An update from the Year 10 Assessed Expedition 10 - 11 June:

The Year 10 students successfully gained their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award following the completion of their Assessed Expedition on 10 - 11 June.   It was an extremely warm and sunny weekend, which presented some challenges, but the students were assisted with regular water top-ups along the route.  Walking through the ancient woodland of Epping Forest meant that they were often walking along paths shaded by the trees, which obviously helped them to keep a little cooler. 

The group had definitely improved their skills throughout the year, with the students having learned from mistakes made during their practice expedition. 

The students put their skills to good use setting up camp, responsibly lighting campfires and cooking their meals when they arrived at their allocated campsite for the evening on 10 June.  The following day, after a hearty breakfast, they completed the second part of their expedition, reaching the finish line in Epping in good time on Sunday afternoon.   

We're very proud of the efforts all of the students went to and congratulate them on passing this prestigious Bronze Award!  

Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Award Assessed Expedition, 10 - 11 June 2023

Year 10's Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Assessed Expedition through Epping Forest.

An update from the Year 9 Practice Hike on 4 June:

The Year 9 students working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award completed their practice hike on Sunday 4 June.  Fortunately the weather was on their side, warm and sunny but not too hot.  The group started out at the School where they demonstrated that they had the correct kit (including sunscreen!) and received the issued equipment and route maps. 

They then headed out in three teams for a day of hiking around Epping Forest.  Throughout the day they practiced their orienteering and map-reading skills.  

They also put to practice the important first aid skills they had learnt throughout the weekly Duke of Edinburgh Award sessions they have been attending this year, and experimented using their emergency equipment to improvise a stretcher.  Thankfully none of the students actually required first aid but an important part of preparing for the expeditions is having the knowledge and skills in case an incident occurs when you are in a remote location.  

The students arrived back at Chingford Foundation School late in the afternoon, looking surprisingly fresh given all the walking they had done!  

They're now looking forward to their first practice expedition, which is taking place in early July.  Well done to all the Year 9 students who took part, and our thanks to the Chingford Foundation School staff who gave up the final day of their half term to support the students on the hike.  Please see the photographs from the day below

Duke of Edinburgh Award Y9 Practice Hike, 4 June

Photographs from the Year 9 D of E Practice Hike in Epping Forest, 4 June 2023

An update from the Year 10 Practice Expedition 13 - 14 May:

Please find below some photographs from the Year 10 Practice Expedition, 13 - 14 May 2023.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Y10 Practice Expedition, 13 - 14 May 2023

Year 10 working towards their Bronze Award.

An update from the Year 10 Practice Hike on 1 May:

Please find here some photographs taken from the Year 10 Practice Hike on 1 May 2023.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Y10 Practice Hike

Photographs from the Year 10 D of E Bronze Award Practice Hike in Epping Forest, 1 May 2023.