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Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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Character Curriculum

At Chingford Foundation School we believe that promoting core ethical values is the basis of good character.   At the heart of our Trust Charter these ethical values encapsulate virtues such as caring, honesty, responsibility and respect for self and others.  These virtues are captured in our Trust Charter.

The Trust Charter builds into the school life of the students in broad terms.  The four key themes ask students to really question themselves and to develop character by Building Relationships, Repairing Relationships, Developing their Environment and Reflecting and Improving.  These ideas and questions are repeated with really interesting work every week in our Tutor Programmes, Assemblies, Leadership Programmes, PSHE and subjects.  In addition, we offer many opportunities for students to develop character through our very rich array of extra-curricular activities, many of which are described this this document.

Our character education involves understanding and caring and all students are encouraged to work together in order to raise monies for local charities and causes such as Haven House.  We have sponsored walks for Year Groups, we encourage celebration and reward good works with positive referrals and letters home and prizes.  Great attendance is celebrated and rewarded as is great fortitude in adversity and our environment is one where students are all supportive of each other regardless of background, ability or wealth.  Furthermore, we have systems in school that actively track, support and encourage all students to become involved in our extra-curricular offer.

We are constantly striving to use a comprehensive, intentional and proactive approach.  Students in every Year Group pick up on themes and produce assemblies for the rest of the Year Group and topics include embracing topics such as Black Lives Matter, LBTQ, Diversity, Environmental Issues and these are linked to dealing with these issues within the school.  As a result of encouraging School Captains and Form Leaders, we have a very developed Student Council that presents regularly to the Senior Leadership and their efforts have led to the development of even better play areas, classroom facilities, toilets and food provision.  Subsequently we have engaging routes for students and they play a great part in creating the caring school community that we are proud of.  We have a safe school where students can be themselves, be proactive, ambitious and predicated on moral action.