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Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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Careers Enterprise Education

Our extensive careers programme provides students with the knowledge, support, experience and skills needed to make informed decisions regarding their future and career choices. Our school vision of providing A firm foundation for life is reflected within our careers promise, that ensures every student leaves Chingford Foundation School with ambitious and achievable goals in relation to their future pathways.

Chingford Academies Trust - The Strategy

Chingford Academies Trust  Strategy will span 3 years from 2020 to 2023.  Its aim to be sustainable in design, stakeholder driven and competitively positioned – creating value for all.

Its core composition being  Careers, Enterprise and Education, with three essential components: Labour Market Information, Further Studies and Careers Paths and Professions. 

At Trust level the Careers Enterprise and Education (CEE) Strategy will possess a climate which immerses itself in the individuality of each school and student and will operate in line with Trust Characteristics.  The CEE Orientated Strategy will enable  each student to have attuned personal leadership, entrepreneurial and employability capability which they will know how to galvanise to achieve economic independence.

Careers Enterprise Education Orientated - Purpose

  • To continually raise aspirations and challenge stereotype and offer clarity in career steps.
  • Inform and create understanding and provide encounters that support curiosity and discovery through the curriculum.
  • Create opportunities for real-world experience which underpin awareness and choices, whilst creating student readiness to make decisions on their future destination.

The provenance of our Trust strategy will be realised through the assurance students have in  their  destinations, whatever landscape they navigate. 

Strategic Focus for 2022/2023 - CEE Orientated

Five primary strategic focal points for  the Careers Enterprise and Education Strategy are: 

Technology enabled Careers Infrastructure 

Allowing operations to be purposeful, collaborative and only of value.

Accountable Stakeholders 

who have a persistence for progress, keenness to critique, appetite for movement and capability to capitalise. 

Trust and School Led Development and Curriculum Plans that are Student centred which embed the navigation of Careers and Enterprise in Education. Audience Focused through consultative construction - All Trust stakeholders being advocates of Careers Enterprise Education for current cohorts, through utilising our community, sharing capability and championing outreach.
Operating in a way which constructs a position of understanding which we build, discover and re-design from.

Development Plan 2022/23 - Careers for all years

The Trust Careers Strategy brand is CEE Orientated.


Its design origin compliments the Gatsby Benchmarks (GB), Trust Strategic Objectives and the overall student journey.  The development plan is known as Careers For All Years.  It supports students from transition in year 6 through to being Alumni.

Our network: Getting involved - careers for all years

Integral to the delivery of any Strategy is the approval and explicit backing of leadership.  Whereby intent is documented, has resources allocated and the development plan each year is systematically monitored and evaluated for effectiveness.  A review occurs each term through the board of trustees and the board of governors which are part of the governance mechanism of Chingford Academies Trust.   Compass+ is a reporting system which allows for the Careers for All Years programme to be measured and assessed on its impact.

The lead individual who has strategic responsibility for Careers, Enterprise Education is Mr Millan, Careers Leader  contactable  at contact@chingfordfs.org.uk and by telephone via the main school office number 020 8506 1853. 

Careers Programme for 2022-2023

careers education at chingford foundation school 2023.pdf

 Provider Access Statement 2023

provider access statement 2023.pdf


As the strategy progresses our Trust network of stakeholders will evolve in a consultative and constructive way.  Chingford Academies Trust provides access of providers to pupils at the school for the purpose of information about the providers education or training offer.  This complies with the schools legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.

Integral to the creation of our stable careers programme are these key stakeholders:

  • Students
  • Parents/Carers
  • Employers and Workers, and
  • Leadership and all Staff  at Chingford Academies Trust   

Stakeholders the Trust are already building stronger business relations with are:  

Labour Market information - local and national

london lmi.pdf

Useful Links: Careers & ENterprise Information

Destinations - Post 16 & 18: Pupils and Parents/Carers

The Careers and Enterprise Company - My Choices Guide for Students

The Careers and Enterprise Company - My Choices Guide for Parents/Carers

On Demand access to Careers Information via LearnLIVE  by The Careers and Enterprise Company

Further and Higher Education

Greater London Authority - Local Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges

GOV.UK - Information on Apprenticeships

UCAS - Explore your options, apply to University and more

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

National Careers Service - Career Information and Advice for all and free guidance for individuals older than 13

Careers Team Contact Details

Mr Aarons - Careers Advisor s.aarons@chingfordfs.org.uk 

Mr Millan - Careers Lead millan@chingfordfs.org.uk 

The information on this webpage will next be reviewed in September 2023.