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Chingford Foundation School

We pride ourselves on our unique environment which equips every student with skills, knowledge and enriching experiences.

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We  encourage each of our students who leave our school to become Chingford Academies Trust Alumni members - would you like to become a Chingford Foundation Alumni, then read on. 

We aim for prior students to act as a correspondent upon their first year of leaving and bring to life the key considerations to those making next steps, post-secondary and/or sixth form education.  In the second year of being networked as Alumni we progress involvement to advisory whereby Alumni are encouraged to offer insights and perspective on professional pathways in both vocational and higher education routeways.  With year three encouraging investment in their professional and personal development and career journeys which achieves  alumni member status with the Trust. ​

Lifelong Engagement

We aim for  prior students to have a lifelong engagement with the Trust which supports reflective practice in their own development and encourages them to see their own and others career journeys as a valuable way to learn. 

 We wish to celebrate success and learn from the challenges our community have managed and/or face, by having stories brought to life, which in turn enriches all current student's  curriculum at the Trust.   

Established Community - Supporting Future Generations

We are seeking to build an established alumni community for current and future generations of  student.  As an engaged network of  people, Trust Alumni will support the annual sustainability, longevity and stability of  each schools Careers, Enterprise  and Education Programme.

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Are you keen to inspire, engage and raise curiosity about the world which assists all persons to be excited, forward driven and ambitious about their futures.  Register your interest today to be part of the Trust Alumni from this Autumn.

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